Learn the Critical Elements of a Successful Intranet Homepage

Your intranet homepage greatly influences whether your employees will engage with one another and find reassurance in their company culture and community, or feel disconnected and alienated as they lose contact with their coworkers.

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Watch as hosts Susan Hanley and Dan Amaro deliver an informative and actionable session on intranet homepages that get results.

Susan Hanley
Microsoft SharePoint specialist and information architect

Susan Hanley is a highly respected and recognized expert in the design, development and implementation of successful portal solutions, with a specialization in Microsoft SharePoint. She is the founder and CEO of Susan Hanley LLC, helping clients deliver successful SharePoint and Microsoft 365 intranet and collaboration solutions 

Dan Amaro
Klarinet managing partner, lead consultant, and lead architect

Daniel is a technology passion-driven leader with over 20 years of expertise architecting, managing, and deploying Microsoft SharePoint and related technologies such as Teams and the Power Platform automation tools.


See what roles your intranet homepage should serve, and what should and shouldn't be included.


Learn about the different types of intranet homepages, and which one is right for your organization


Discover how to create an intranet homepage that informs, engages, and captivates from day one!

With hybrid work arrangements and digital workspaces here to stay, your company’s intranet has never been more important as the central hub for communication, collaboration, and company culture. Make sure you're getting all you can out of your intranet homage by joining our top intranet experts for this session!

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